genre: "Brazilian World pop"

Ivan Santos Trio

IVAN SANTORS (BRA) Celebrated Brazilian world pop artist and winner of the Latin Grammy Award (Best Portuguese Language Song)

Ivan Santos, a remarkable singer-songwriter and lyricist hailing from Paraiba in the tropical northeast of Brazil, crafts a distinct interpretation of Brazilian music. Rooted in Latin American influences, Ivan skillfully blends various musical cultures to create his unique sonic identity, often described as 'Brazilian World Pop.'
His compositions serve as experimental canvases, where samba intertwines with blues, funk with baião, and the sounds of the Indian sitar rendezvous with Brazilian ballads. These audacious musical encounters contribute to Ivan Santos' unmistakable and recognizable style.
Navigating the spectrum between humor and seriousness, Ivan's warmly timbered voice becomes the vessel for narratives about life, love, and the yearnings of a well-traveled musical storyteller.

In 2005, Ivan Santos won the Grammy for "Best Portuguese Language Song" for his lyrics to the hit "Ninguém Faz Idéia," a collaboration with Brazilian pop star Lenine. This award highlighted the powerful synergy between Santos' writing and Lenine's artistry. Santos was also nominated for another Grammy in 2012, further bolstering his reputation as an outstanding writer in the international music industry.


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