Marc Inti 
global bass arts and 
genuine music artist 

bassist, composer & md

Music as a catalyst for cross-cultural exchange

I embrace and support intercultural exchange through music. Hailing from an European and South-American background, cross-culture competence has ever been an important part of my life. Music is an universal language, overcoming boundaries and instantaneous uniting strangers. A cultural common denominator, empowering people, expanding possibilities.


Over the last few years I have been fortunate to travel to many corners of this exciting world, playing with incredible musicians and learning from masters of their craft. With some of them I have shared stages, festivals or recording studios. 

Rick Vito (Fleetwood Mac), Karthik Mani and Karnataka College Of Percussion, Prakash Sontakke, Jeff Young (Sting, Steely Dan), Brian „Robbo“ Roberston (Thin Lizzy, Motörhead), Jan Akkerman, Nneka, Harold Todd (Lenny Kravitz), Marcus Eaton, Bill Evans, Kirk Fletcher, Jerry Donahue, Mike Stern, Eamonn McCormack, Ivan Santos (Brazilian Grammy Winner), Josh Smith, Torsten de Winkel, Loomis Green, Paul Shighara, Craig Skala, James Kakande, Gabriel Gordon, Roberta Sweed…


From heartfelt solo performances to the dynamic synergy of a full band, this musical  journey is marked by soulful original tunes and inspiring collaborations. Each performance captures the essence of shared creativity, and the music, rich with emotion and authenticity, truly speaks for itself.



For many years, Marc has been passionate to use Godin basses, Markbass amps and Sommer Cables 
which have become integral to his signature sound.


For any musical collaborations — whether writing, recording, or live performances — feel free to reach out.
I am always eager to explore new music and great musicianship. 


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