Marcus Eaton (USA)

genre: "Sophisticated Pop & World"

Californian Singer-Songwriter Marcus Eaton, longtime collaborator of Woodstock legend David Crosby (Crosby, Stills & Nash), is an acclaimed Singer-Songwriter and producer from Los Angeles. With an approach all his own, critics describe Marcus as the modern continuation of the tradition of the great singer-songwriters of the US West Coast. 

As a solo artist and exceptional guitarist, Marcus Eaton had made a name for himself internationally, now joining forces with his trio, offering an electrifying live experience that incorporates countless influences, from flamenco to classical music, from jazz-funk to reggae and far beyond, showcasing his evolving artistry. 



Ben Harper: "Marcus is a monster player" 

Dominic Miller: "Marcus is one of the greatest guitarists I have ever heard and I mean it!” 

David Crosby: “Truthfully, I think he’s one of the best young singer-songwriter guys in America, maybe in the world... He’s a really brilliant writer. And he just plays guitar like God on a good day.”

Marcus Eaton Trio

The new trio of David Crosby collaborator Marcus Eaton showcases his intricate guitar work and emotive vocals, Sting percussionist Rhani Krija's diverse and authentic style, and Marc-Inti's versatile bass artistry. 
Their technical prowess and heartfelt delivery captivate audiences, establishing them as a standout ensemble in today's music scene.

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